One of the more frequent questions we get….”Can my dog be trained for personal protection yet make an excellent family companion?”


A well bred German Shepherd should have a great temperament to be OK around family and guests yet he/she should be stable enough to be used in working environments such as police, military and personal protection.

We carefully evaluate all our puppies for suitability for working vs loyal family companion. Most of our puppies can be both, however some of our breedings will be puppies meant for working homes only due to intense working drive, high dominancy, and high social aggression. Such litters are noted as such.

Lastly, we do our best to place our pups in homes were the pups are in a win scenario to avoid placing them in a home unable to rear them correctly. ALL pups require consistent training and mental stimulation to avoid behavioral issues as they get older and stronger.

Photos in the slides are pups from our breedings in various working and companion scenarios.

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